Friday, November 7, 2014

New Hair Oil

Recently I chopped off a good 10-15 cm of hair because it was too damaged from bleaching.
I hate chopping off a lot of hair - even if it's very necessary! That's why I got another hair oil that's supposed to protect your hair really well!

This hair oil is by L'Oréal. It's the absolut repair cellular hair oil and it's meant for very damaged hair. Even though all the damaged hair is cut off right now, I decided I'd start using this to keep my other hair healthy. We have a saying here in Belgium that says it's better to prevent than to cure.

This hair oil smells really good. It doesn't make your hair greasy.
 I like to apply it after taking a shower when my hair is semi-dry and then again when it's completely dry. I don't use a lot though, one or two drops are more than enough.

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