Monday, November 10, 2014

My hair care products!

Hello everyone! Earlier I promised you guys I'd share my hair care products with you! I like to keep my promises so here I am with a post about hair products! 

I have three favourite nourishing shampoos that I like to use for my hair. Gliss Kur by Schwarzkopf and then two fructus shampoos by Garnier.
One is again frizz and the other one is for damaged hair. I like using shampoos for damaged hair because mine gets damaged really fast and bleaching it doesn't exactly help.
I did however cut off a lot all my damaged hair so now I just use this as a procaution.

I wash my hair twice a week and I wash it with a different shampoo everytime. Using thesame shampoo for too long can actually be bad for your hair so I mix up my shampoos all the time.

Aside from that I like to keep my hair healthy and shiny, and I use hair oil for that.
I got a new one by L'Oréal that's actually meant to "heal" extremely damaged hair and I have one by Kérastase. That one doesn't focus as much on damaged hair, it's just meant to make your hair look pretty.

Thanks for reading!
I hope this helps you out!

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