Saturday, November 15, 2014

Essence "Soft & Neutral" BB cream review

How are you doing? I told you in my previous shoplog that I got a new BB cream by Essence. I was completely happy with the one I had but when I wanted to go get a new one because mine was almost empty, they didn't have my shade anymore.

So I decided I would try out another BB cream from Essence. This is the "Soft & Natural" BB cream.
The packaging is pretty simple. The BB cream comes in a beige tube.

I'm pretty fair and in fall I basically turn white, so I got the lightest colour they had which was "02 sand beige".

Now... Time to test this BB cream, I was desperately hoping that this BB cream would at least be as good as the last one I had because if not... well, if not, I'd have a problem!

This is what the BB cream looks like when it comes out of the tube. The BB cream reminds me of a mousse rather than a liquid product.

I wasn't very thrilled at first. I tried to apply this BB cream with a brush and that really didn't work out, but the second time I used this BB cream, I applied it with my hands and that worked out a lot better!

I like this BB cream, but only when I apply it with my hands. 
When I apply it with a brush, my skin gets way to dry - especially around my nose as you can see in the picture.

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