Thursday, September 4, 2014

August favies ♥

August is over.
Even though I'm a little bit sad, I have found /used a bunch of really lovely products.
Today I'm going to show you my absolute favies!

I bought my Miss Dior perfume at the end of July (as a treat for myself) and I've been using it every single day. It just smells so, so good and it makes me feel really good!

Last month I had to find a replacement for my favourite BB cream of all times, one by Catrice. I decided to try this one by Essence and guess what....
I love it!
It's also oil free which is even more amazing!

This month, I got a giftcard to MAC for my birthday (my friends are THE BEST) and I got me a new palette! OF COURSE this had to be in my favourites! Such beautiful colours!

Summer = highlighter. I'm still loving my highlighter by MAC. This is "Adored".
Which products have you been loving?

Thanks for reading!
Make today a good day!

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