Friday, September 26, 2014

EOTD: Deep blue

Happy Friday you guys! 
I have the best TGIF make-up look this week! Are you ready? Keep reading!

I - once again - experimented with the colour "Deep truth" by MAC. I have talked about it a couple of times before and I'm still very much in love with it!

This is what I did with it: I used it to create a smokey eye!
Now don't worry, the colour is as vibrant and beautiful in real life as in the pictures taken with my flash on. The natural light (I sit in front of a window to take all my pictures) just makes it look lighter than it actually is.

I applied "Deep Truth" all over my lid after applying eyeshadow base and a coat of white eyeliner (to make the colour pop).
Next, I put a light brown in my crease, went over it with "Espresso" by MAC and blended everything out. Once I was happy with the way it looked, I decided it wasn't dark enough so I darkened it up using a black eyeshadow in the outer corner. I also applied kohl eyeliner to my waterline.

Products used:
  • Eyeshadow base by Essence (I ♥ stage eyeshadow base)
  • White pencil eyeliner by Essence
  • Light brown colour from my 144 colours palette by ELF
  • "Deep Truth" by MAC
  • "Espresso" by MAC
  • "Serious" by The Balm (Nude 'Tude palette)
  • Essence kohl black eyeliner
  • Essence mascara
Most of these products have been reviewed on my blog so if you'd like to know more about them, please feel free to search them in my search bar!

I'm quite happy with the way this look turned out. I might adjust it a little bit, maybe I'll put on some liquid eyeliner on top, I don't know yet.

What do you think?
Thanks for reading!

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