Wednesday, September 3, 2014

EOTD: Paradisco

Hello everyone!
 I've mentioned before that I got a couple of new MAC eyeshadows for my birthday.
Right now, I've pretty much tried all of them.

This time I used a light pink eyeshadow called "Paradisco". This colour is a colour that I was doubting about a little bit, but it's a colour I've slowly fallen in love with.
The great thing about this colour is that it's peachy pink, but it also has some gold in it.

I just so happen to have a lovely gold eyeshadow by MAC, called "Amber lights".

I decided I'd combine the two for a fresh, cute summer look!
I applied "Amber Lights" on the inner part of my eye and "Paradisco" on the outer part. Paradisco is a colour that you have to build up.
In my crease, I used "Bronze" and I added a little bit of "Espresso" to darken up the outer corner.

After that, I applied liquid eyeliner and mascara - like always. My eyeliner and mascara are by Essence!

What do you think of this look?

Have a good day!

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