Friday, September 19, 2014

EOTD: Make-up job!

Happy Friday!
Today I’m going to share something that I have never done before (I think). A few weeks ago I did someone’s make-up and I asked if it would be okay if I took some pictures of the make-up look I created and if I could put them on my blog!
So here they are! I created this look with my newest MAC eyeshadows. 


This look is a little darker because the occasion was late at night, so it was okay for me to turn it into a “smokey eye”.
I used “Star Violet” on the lid and put a little bit of “Cranberry” in the center of the lid. Using a lighter/brighter colour in the center of the lid is really going to make your eyes pop!
In the crease I used “Espresso” and then I put a little bit of sketch in the outer corner. Next I blended until everything looked flawless. A good trick to make the colours blend nicely is to pick up a little bit of “Espresso” when blending “Sketch”.


In the end we decided we’d make the look even darker by applying a black eyeshadow from my MUA “Undress me too” palette.
Again, put a lot of time in blending. I blended and then added a little bit more colour because it wasn’t vibrant enough yet. It takes some time but building the colour up like that gives the most beautiful look! 


After I finished blending, I took a little bit of a skintoned colour from my ELF 144 neutral palette on a clean blending brush and just blended everything one last time.
Next, I chose a really light pink eyeshadow and applied it as a highlight. After that I used liquid eyeliner and mascara (both by Essence, as always) to finish off the look.
Let me know what you think!
Have a good day!

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