Saturday, September 27, 2014

Loving Lately ♥ Fruit Water ♥

Hey you guys!
 Have I told you about my newest obsession yet? Fruit water!


 Even though it's really popular, I have never tried it before, however lately I've been wanting to try it out. 
I've been looking up a couple of recipes lately and I got so, so excited! Naturally, I got myself a couple of glass jars and I started making fruit water!
I have another blogpost coming up with my favourite recipes, so if you're interested, make sure you visit my blog these next few weeks!

The fruit water is a good, healthy alternative for soda (and it's really yummy!), and besides all that, it also looks really good! 
Seeing a lot of colour in my drink makes me really happy, it gets me in the mood for a healthier lifestyle!

Here are a couple of recipes already that I found on Tumblr. All the other pictures that I used in this post today are also by Tumblr.

I'll keep you posted! Don't forget to check back for more fruit water recipes! 
Have a good day!

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