Monday, September 1, 2014

Book haul: "Wreck this journal"

Hello! How are you?

Last week I finally bought a book that I have been wanting for a reaaaally long time:


Basically, this book is a journal but it's not a normal journal. You can't write about your feelings or stuff that happened that day. It's a book with many activities that you can do - no typical activities, but okay - sounds fun to me!

I think when I did everything in the book, it won't even be a book anymore. You have to take it with you when you're in the shower, you have to throw it around (which my dad already did for me when I was reading it in the park), you have to pick it up without using your hands, ... 

Normally I'd go crazy if someone threw my book around or did anything else with it, but I mean, it's obviously the meaning of this whole book.
It's something new and I'm sure good memories will be made. I'll let you know how it goes!

Do you have this book already?

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