Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekly Diary

Hello everybody!
I'm sorry for my absence, it's been a busy couple of days! Today I'm going to be talking you through last week.

The first thing that made me smile last week was this orchid that rebloomed. I've had a couple of orchids before that never rebloomed and I was so scared this one was going to die as well. But it didn't! Happy me!

I found my diary and read it over again. Even though I didn't even write a lot, I did remember some things and I laughed a lot!

Inside I also found a birthday card that I had completely forgotten about! The cover is so pretty!


I also got new fish last week. I used to have six guppies but some of them died of infection almost rightaway, which is sad because even medication couldn't help them anymore.
That's why this week, I got some new friends for my remaining friends. I got four new little black tetra's. I read it's better to keep them in a school, so I'm getting two other ones tomorrow. That way they don't feel alone and they don't become agressive.

I also got a little 'Titanic' ship for my tank and got lots of plants! I love decorating my fish tank, I just don't change it everytime, I'm scared my fish won't recognize their home if I do!

Remember the guinea pigs? They are growing really well!
And uh, another one of our guinea pigs is pregnant! Oh boy, it's like a farm! But I like to be around animals a lot, so it couldn't get better for me!

Thanks for reading!

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