Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Beauty haul ♥ Dresden and Prague ♥

Hello everyone! 
After showing you the beautiful cities of Dresden (Germany) and Prague (Czech Republic), I'm now going to show you which make-up and fashion items I got. A lot of the products are products that are really difficult to get here in Belgium or brands that are much less expensive over there.


First, I got a new MAC palette with four colours. I got "Amber lights", "Coppering", "Humid" and "Sketch". I didn't buy anything else because I didn't know if it was going to be cheaper or more expensive but it turned out to be a lot cheaper. I should have gotten the other colours I wanted as well! 
Oh well, it's too late now. But I'm really happy with the colours I got!


Next, I got an Artdeco stippling brush and a lipstick. I always hear good things about Artdeco so I wanted to try it.

Next, I got this L'Oréal Infaillible Colour eyeshadow. I think it looks really pretty and I ave been wanting it for a really long time. I just decided to get it since it was cheaper and because I knew I was going to use this.

I also got a Nars eyeshadow duo! I was doubting which one I should get but I'm glad with the choice I made! I didn't get the popular "Orgasm" blush because I already have a similar one.

I also got a gorgeous, tiny lipstick by IsaDora.

...And I bought some stuff at H&M. A lot of the H&M make-up products that are sold in the big cities are often not sold at my local H&M.


I bought a couple of dresses and one bikini that I don't have pictures of yet but I will for sure show them to you in following outfit of the day posts this spring and summer.

At H&M, I bought a couple of statement necklaces, one of them I've wore already and you'll see it in one of the following outfit of the day posts.

I also bought these earrings. This is the biggest size, I also have them in three smaller sizes.

Next, I also got a hair donut because I lost mine.

At New Yorker, I got a set of pearl earrings in all different colours and sizes.

These bags remind me so much of Chanel! I got them at New Yorker. They also had the bags in white and red, but I thought these colours were more subtile and would be easier to combine with my outfits.

And I also got a pair of sunglasses!

Make-up reviews and outfit of the day posts will be online soon.
Thanks for reading! Have a good day!


  1. It is big difference in prices of MAC here and there? I love all things ;)

    1. Not that much, but it's still cheaper than here in Belgium. :)


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