Saturday, April 26, 2014

H&M eyeshadow brushes!

H&M. I love it. And you know it. I have been talking about my newest buys at H&M for forever now, but it's not over yet!

What are cosmetics if you don't have the tools to apply them? I own a few good brushes already, but the more variety, the better.
I didn't own a precise crease brush before, but when I saw this gold one, I just had to have it. I also got another flat brush. I use my flat brushes very often, an for different purposes, so a back-up was welcome.


Okay, the packaging was pretty simple, the brushes came in a plastic, little, seethrough box. The brushes themselves are... absolutely gorgeous!
I've never seen make-up brushes this stunning before. The look just really speaks to me. It makes me feel luxurious, like a queen!

The brushes are very soft an pick up eyeshadow just fine. I like that this crease brush had an angled brush on the other end. That one I like as well, I use it to apply eyeshadow as eyeliner, but most of the time I fill in my brows with it.

Like I said before, I love these brushes! They aren't too expensive but they work just fine!
Sigh, H&M, you got me!

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