Friday, April 11, 2014

March empties

Hello everyone! 
I rarely empty many products in one month, but in March, I emptied four products.
Now, I know March has been gone for quite a while and I'm a bit behind in the news, but I didn't have any access to computers or Internet on my trip to Prague, so that's why I'm writing it now.


The first products I emptied are my mango showergel and bodybutter by The Body Shop. I used these two together all the time and now I'm out of it. I definitely loved these products. They smell very fresh, it's like summer in a bottle. For now I have a chocolate showergel and bodybutter, and a strawberry showergel and bodybutter but once I finished those, I will be going back to mango.

I also emptied my All about matt foundation by Catrice. I liked this one, it's a good one and it's not expensive.

Next, I also emptied my Playboy Pin-Up perfume. 
It was a nice scent, I liked it. For now I'm a bit tired of it because I've used it so much but who knows, I might repurchase it one day. Or not. I don't know yet, haha!

Those were my emptied products. Thank you for reading. 
Make someone smile today!

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