Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Favourite new lip combo!

Hello everyone! I'm leaving tonight but I wanted to write my last post, I have a couple more hours to prepare myself so I thought I would write a post for you as well.
Today I want to show you my newest, really pretty red lip combination. Both products are by Essence.

The first product that I have is a "Stay with me lipgloss" by Essence. It's called "Kiss Kiss Kiss".


I apply it over this product, which is a stay matt lip cream (it's a lipgloss that looks and feels like a lipstick), the name is " Silky Red".

Here I'm wearing my "Silky Red" lipcream by Essence. It's too bright for me and I feel like it doesn't apply evenly everywhere.

With the lipgloss on top. It looks more like a gloss, but I also think it's good because everything now is covered evenly and I also think that this lipgloss makes it look slightly darker, which is something I love.

Thanks for reading! I'll see you in a little while!

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