Friday, April 18, 2014

H&M chubby lipcrayons review

The chubby lipcrayons have been everywhere lately. 
I remember seeing them at the Clinique counter and thinking "What is this?". Next thing I knew every brand came out with the lipcrayons and everyone I knew had at least one.

Recently, I saw that H&M had the chubby lipcrayons as well, so I decided to get two and try them.

I got "Cherry lips" and "Honeysuckle". Two gorgeous red colours.
I think the packaging is quite cute. Simple, but okay. I do love the fact that most of the packaging has thesame colour as the lipcrayons themselves.

Here are the swatches! 
The first one on top is "Honeysuckle" and the second one is "Cherry lips".
The colour is sheer, but not as sheer as I had expected. It's also buildable. I find the texture of the lipcrayons very nice, it's very moisturizing.

I think these lipcrayons are so beautiful! They cost €3.95 each.

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