Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Artdeco lipstick review!

One of the brands that are hard to find in Belgium is Artdeco. 
When I went Germany with school, I did some speed shopping (I mean, they had a Douglas next to the hotel) and I got myself a gorgeous lipstick.

I didn't get a red one because, well, it's not like I don't have any yet, right? Instead, I got a gorgeous "my lips but better" kind of colour! 

Let's start off with the packaging. The Artdeco lipstick has a shiny black, square packaging with the name of the brand at the bottom. Nothing fancy, really.

The lipstick doesn't have a name, unfortunately. It just has a number, I guess.I don't even know if this is the number. Oh boy! I'll have to google this for a while!

Anyways, this is what it looks like. A very nice, nude, peachy kind of colour. It does have a little bit of sparkle but it's nothing too shimmery. In fact, I almost don't see it on my lilps.

Here you see the swatch.
It truely is gorgeous! And look how pigmented the colour is! I'm very happy with this lipstick, god, it is so incredibly beautiful! And it's also a nice twist when I don't want to wear red lipstick.

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  1. Nice color :)

    Maybe we can follow each other, just let me know on my blog?!


  2. Its a beautifil shade. Very subtle.


  3. Its a beautiful shade. Very subtle.



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