Thursday, April 24, 2014

NARS eyeshadow duo review

Hello everyone! 
Today I'm going to be telling you about one of the most exciting products I got when I was in Prague.
For the first time ever I entered a Sephora, my god, it was like heaven! 
I rushed from Benefit to Nars where I found a gorgeous little palette.
I was doubting between a couple of eyeshadow duo's, but I liked the one I ended up with the most!

Before I go ahead and talk about the colours and the pigmentation, I'm going to review the packaging.
Am I the only one who thinks Nars and ELF packaging is so similar? 
It's literally thesame on the outside, but the mirror on the inside is bigger in my Nars eyeshadow duo.
Anyways, it's cute, it's simple but like I said before, I really don't need all my products to be over the top.

The name of the eyeshadow duo that I got is "Mélusine". I wonder what it means!

Here are the colours! I have one shimmery, grey eyeshadow and one matte purple! You actually can't see it in the pictures because my camera didn't pick it up (hell, I didn't even notice it the first time I swatched this eyeshadow), but the silver actually has teeny tiny bits of shimmery purple in it. Really small, but it made me feel so cool when I spotted it.

Gorgeous, right?


Here are the swatches! 
The pigmentation of this eyeshadow duo blew me away, like I knew it would. I like it a lot! 
Of course, you pay quite a bit of money for it. But that's okay, I love mixing high end with drugstore products. It makes me feel good that I can afford something like this, but it makes me feel even better that I can still turn around and enjoy cheap make-up as well.

Here's a look I made with the purple (I used the purple from my Nars eyeshadow duo in my crease and "Sketch" by MAC in my outer corner).
Thanks for reading!

Have a good day!

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