Saturday, March 1, 2014

February favies ♥

Hello everyone! March just came around, I love it, the sun has been shining today as if it's predicting a lovely spring. I sure do hope so!

Today I want to show you my favourite products of last month.
I'm going to start with my Labello lipbalms. In the beginning of the month it got really cold and I needed my lipbalms every minute of every day.


I know I keep repeating this but my favourite palette of the month is again... My Nude 'Tude palette. I have made so many different looks with it this month! I also used the black for a metal themed outfit and I'm still surprised by the pigment. I knew it was good, but that it was this good...

I've also been loving my new foundation by L'Oréal. I find this to be the best drugstore foundation there is (well, I haven't tested them all but out of the ones I've tested, I'd say this is the winner).

Hello Body Shop! Not only my fruit scented showergels and bodybutters have been absolute favourites, also the chocolate showergel and the limited editions have blown me away!

Another thing that I have been loving this month, that has nothing to do with fashion or beauty, is making bookmarks.
I've made foxes, rabbits, cupcakes, clouds,...
I'm also completely back with my reading. I haven't had lots of time last year but now I finally made some time to start enjoying reading again! Yay!

That's it! Thank you for reading!
Have a lovely day!


  1. bookmarks, they are so wonderful! <3 you've made them on your own?

    1. Oh there are tons of tutorials on youtube which allow you to make them yourself, the way you want them to be :) x


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