Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekly Diary

Hello everyone! I'm so sorry for updating late, these last few days have been filled with work! I woke up, went to work and then went to sleep again. Lots and lots of work. 
 Anyway, here I am with a weekly diary. 

This week has pretty much revolved around working. Next Friday I will start my exams and so I want to be well prepared. After that, I'm taking a 6 day trip to Prague, so I'm preparing for that as well.

Look how beautiful the sky it! The weather has been pretty good lately.

I'm looking forward to Easter! When I saw this little chicken, I had to have a picture of it. It's so adorable (and delicious).

Finally got some stuff for my fish. I want to make their living conditions as comfortable as possible. This is also the very first picture of my 4 fish together. Three on the right and one is swimming behind the bottle (you can see his little head peek).

Ah, I love this book! I wish I had more time to read though! 

LIke I said, I've been working A LOT for school. It's starting to look good. I'm looking forward to graduating and going to college next year! 

Thanks for reading!

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