Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Makeup look challenge update #7: blue

Hello everyone! 
Today I have a new make-upchallenge update for you! 
The colour of the week is blue. I decided not to apply blue eyeshadow from lid to browbone since I like to just add details of a certain colour if I'm not sure about the outcome. I just used some blue colours to add to my neutral look.

First I used a turqoise colour on top of my black eyeliner. I think it looked pretty cute. The only thing I don't like about this eyeliner is that it's nearly impossible to take it off. I blinked too soon and had some eyeliner dots on my crease, but I couldn't take it off because otherwise I would have ruined the make-uplook. That's why it's still there.
Next I used a darker blue/green colour for my waterline. This look is actually very simple, it's just a neutral look with two colour pops!

Click this link to see the eyeshadow tutorial. It's not completely thesame, I changed the lid colour, but everything else is thesame. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel please!

Thanks for reading!

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