Friday, March 28, 2014

March favies!

Hello everyone! March is almost over, time for my favourites! 

I have gotten a lot of new items this month, a lot of them have become favourites this month as well. Some of them I've had for a long time and I've only started using now. I'll start with face products! 

I have been obsessing over the L'Oréal True Match foundation. It really is a great foundation, I am in love with it! The colour is perfect, the coverage is even more perfect. Yep, I'm going to buy this product many more times when I run out of it. I am truely addicted.


Everyone wants a beautiful glow when spring starts, the way this higlighter looks when the sun hits your face, it's just so beautiful. This is my MAC mineralize skinfinish in "Adored" (from a limited edition). It has both cool and warm colours in it, which I think is amazing.


I got this eyeshadow primer just a few weeks ago and I've been using it eversince. Even though it looks a little too dark and too yellow on my eye (because I'm pale), you don't see it when I put eyeshadow over it. And it's cheap and it gets the job done, so I'm 100% satisfied.

I'm also very happy with my Catrice made to stay inside eye higlighter pen. This thing is amazing, it does make you look more awake but it's not as obvious as a white eyeliner would be. I can totally see the difference when I'm not wearing it.

This spring, I've been obsessed with gold for my eyes. When the Essence pigments first came out, I got one called "Smell the caramel" but I never really used it because the colour was so intens and bright, I didn't know how other people would feel about it. I didn't even know how I feel about it. A couple of weeks ago I pulled it out of my make-up drawer and I put it on my desk to use the following day. But I didn't look at it again until I accidentally dropped it and spilled a whole bunch on the floor. 

It might sound crazy but again, I was amazed by the pigment and I thought I should start using it! So I did.

Another caramel kind of colour that I've been using a lot lately is "Texture" by MAC. I have incorporated it into my daily make-uplook and I like it! (Want to see my daily make-uplook? Maybe I can do a video or a photo tutorial on it?)


As for my lip products, the colour of those babies have either been really soft and neutral or really bright.
The first favourite is my lip shine by Catrice called "My Cherry Berry", a lovely "my lips but better" shade that isn't too expensive and looks really amazing.

Next I have a super bright, sheer, but so very adorable lipstick from Bourjois. It's called "Famous Fushia" and it's from their Shine Edition. I feared this colour a little bit for a little while (wouldn't it be too bright, too much?) but I finally wore it again and I just felt the confidents coming over me. Sigh, it's so surprising what a lipstick can do to you, haha!

What are some of your favourite products for this month?
Thanks for reading!

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