Friday, June 17, 2016

Travel Diary: Vatican City

One of the higlights of going to Rome, was seeing the Vatican. The Vatican is a city-state, which means technically you're in another country.

We had quite a bit of trouble getting inside because even though everything was registered beforehand, they didn't believe it once we got to security. 
Anyways, after about one hour, we got inside. If you want to go to Vatican City, keep in mind that you need to wear clothes that cover your shoulders and legs. (My outfit of the day will be online in a couple of days ;) .)

Inside, there were tons and tons of statues, it was absolutely amazing to see all of that. It was forbidden to take pictures in some parts of the Vatican, so that's why this post is not in depth about some works of art.

This statue is a statue of Octavus, also known as Octavianus and later on known as Augustus. We've seen a lot about him in history class and I think it was so cool that we got to see the statue for real!

In the middle of the garden, you can see a huge globe, with on the inside a complex structure. It represents the problems that the world has to deal with. It's really impressive and quite worth to take a good look at.
You might have to wait a bit because the tourists are swarming around it trying to get a selfie! :) 

We came across a few hallways and rooms that were decorated with Egyptian statues. I absolutely love the Egyptian culture and their mythology, so of course I got excited about this! 

To be honest, I was completely overwhelmed by Vatican City.
There's something to see everywhere you look. The paintings are gorgeous, but you can't watch them in detail because other tourists will want to look around or because you'll get backpain.

We were actually asked to leave because they wanted to close for the day, so I'd give you the advice to go early! 

This painting.... So so gorgeous! Look at the colours! 

That's it for this post! It's a bit longer than most of my posts, but it's worth checking out, I think.
Let me know what you think!

Have a lovely day!

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