Sunday, June 5, 2016

Travel Diary: Pantheon & Column of Trajan

I'm currently back in Belgium and I have to say, this last week in Rome has been one of the best weeks of this year. I've seen and done so many things, I've experienced new things, made new friends and laughed until my belly hurt.


One of the first things we visited was the Pantheon.
A Pantheon is a "temple" for all the gods. This Pantheon is quite special because there's a whole in ceiling, simply because they didn't know how to close it yet.

When it's raining, obviously the floor gets wet, but they had a good solution to it: the floor tilts. So when the rain falls on the floor, it'll flow away. Good engineering!

While we were there, we also saw the column of Trajan, which displays a war story. I thought it was especially impressive to see the details of this work.

So impressive! It's really crazy to see the things from your history books in real life. Very cool!

Thanks for reading! See you in the next Travel Diary!

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