Wednesday, June 15, 2016

OOTD: Sheer maxi skirt

Goodmorning everyone! How are you doing?
I'm on the verge of finishing my exams, so I couldn't be doing any better! My last two exams will take place tomorrow and my knowledge of history will be tested, so I'm very nervous! Especially because it's an period of time that I didn't know much about before!

The exams are a very stressful time for me, I often have no time to spare so anything is good enough, as long as it's comfortable.

Most of my exams have been oral, so just going to school with comfy jeans and a basic T-shirt hasn't been an option for me. I always try a little harder when I'm going to be talking to the professor face to face - I think being well dressed at an oral exam proves that you are well prepared and that you wànt to put effort in a good 'reputation'/attitude.

Even though I haven't had much time to make new pairings or think about my looks extensively, I've found an outfit that looks like I've put a lot more effort into it and is still very comfortable.
Take a peek?

This outfit has got to be my favourite outfit of the moment. The shirt with the sequin lips has been a favourite for over a year now, but the maxi skirt is brand new. 
It's safe to say it's already a favourite!

Pairing the shirt and the skirt was quite easy. Since the skirt is blue, I wanted to go for something a little more "neutral" for the upper part of my body. A black or white T-shirt was a little too boring so I decided to go for grey and sparkly! It draws attention, but not too much. It's a nice detail, but it doesn't take away from the pop of colour that my skirt provides.

In order to create a waistline, I tucked the shirt in my skirt.

For accessories I wore a bracelet that matched the blue of my skirt perfectly. It's a great eyecatcher. It's only one bracelet, but looks like a whole lot of arm candy. I also wore rhinestone earrings that matched the sequin lips on my shirt. 
I got the bracelet and handbag from a market in Barcelona and the earrings were a gift.
My shirt and skirt are by H&M, my shoes are by New Look.

If you're still in school, I'd like to wish you good luck! 
Thanks for reading! Have a nice day!

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