Thursday, June 9, 2016

Limited edition Catrice eyeshadow quattro - "Zensibility" + make-up look!

Last week I was trying a new make-up look when I realized I always, always, go for warm tones.
I use gold, yellow, bronze, brown, but I rarely ever use silver or blue (unless I'm putting on kohl eyeliner, but then the eyeshadows that I use in combination are warm toned as well).

Today I'm changing up my old habits, I'm going for a cool toned make-up look. 
How do you know if something is cool toned/warm toned? Well, it's actually quite simple:
Someone told me to think of hot things when I'm looking for warm tones. She said "a fire is orange, red, yellow, and sometimes brown" and that's how you know those colours are warm tones. Then she made me think of something cold, ice, for example. 
Ice is white, blue, very light pink... 
I will never forget this example because I thought it was so great. Of course there's more than just pink and orange in the world, so that's why I inserted an easy guide (and link to more examples).

I found this limited edition Catrice palette with cool toned eyeshadows, which was a perfect opportunity: I got to try the cool toned look and I got to buy a new palette!


Before we get into the look, let's see if this palette's any good. The first thing that immediately struck me is the palette. Reminds you of something, beauty lovers? A brand called MAC, for example?

This palette is the exact same one as the small ones you can get a MAC. I love these palettes. They are small enough to fit in beauty cases but big enough to hold four colours (- and there are a lot of looks you can make using only four colours). They're simple but don't look cheap, I like them! 

I'm always a bit sceptical with very light eyeshadows. It happens often that dark colours have a lot of pigmentation, and light colours barely show up on the skin. 
As you can see in the picture with the swatches, these colours are very well pigmented. I was actually quite surprised. To be honest, Catrice has surprised me more than once in these last couple of months.

Here's the eye look! As you can see, the colours are very soft (which is something completely different than what I'm used to), but I like it.
My dad - who is also influenced by my blogging ;) - noticed it as well and thought this look was nice as well. 

I think this palette is such a nice palette for everyday. The texture is nice, I didn't have any fall out and the eyeshadow palette isn't very expensive either. I paid €4.99.
This palette is especially nice for you girls (and boys) who love wearing make-up but don't like to go too overboard. Or maybe if you're just getting into make-up, this palette is one for you! 

A tip I can give you is to keep the palette after you've used the eyeshadows. You can get the eyeshadow pans out and fill the palette again with individual eyeshadows from MAC.
Normally if you go to MAC, you'll pay both the palette and the eyeshadows. If you take this palette with you, you'll be one step ahead (and a few euros richer)!

Thanks for reading!

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