Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A perfect day for brunch!

Goodmorning everyone! 
Exams are over and I'm ready to start enjoying the summer break! I could really get away from everything right now. I'm looking forward to travelling, meeting up with friends I haven't seen for a while, and my birthday! 


Normally I combine celebrating my birthday with seeing the friends that I haven't seen in a long time. Every year I throw a big brunch for my best friends. When I turned eighteen (almost two years ago), I had them come over to enjoy a buffet that me and my best friend (who's a chef) made together and we spent the afternoon at an amusement park. It was so much fun! I don't know what we'll do this year, but there will be a brunch to start off our day - that's for sure!

Even though I've found some amazing places to get brunch since I've moved to Bruges, I love to have brunch at my best friend's place.
He has the most amazing house (and a lovely sense of style), which impresses and inspires me everytime. I'd love to have him decorate my place when I get a house of my own.
It would mean a lot to me if you could show him some love, so I'll leave his Instagram right here. If you're interested in interior design, antiques, vintage, or you're just curious, you can go check it out.


When the weather is good, we like to have our guests outside from a glass of bubbly, some orange juice or coffee.
On my eighteenth birthday, I also had special cards made with their name on it in the most amazing calligraphy. On the background, everyone had another drawing that I thought represented them. For example an owl, or a pin-up girl, ...
I thought it was so much fun, it's special and unique, and most of all: very personal. Most of my friends keep it in a frame or on the wall in their house, which makes me happy because it represents a lovely memory.
You can make all the details unique - even down to the invites!


When everyone has arrived, they get to attack the buffet we set up and then we guide them to the next room, which is decorated with flowers, candles and the nicest porcelain. I normally don't care if my fork is made out of silver or stainless steel, but when I'm at Miguel's place, I truely feel like a princess.

As for clothing, I usually go for maxi skirts or maxi dresses. They're warm enough and yet not too warm during summer. I also thinks it looks really classy!
As for make-up... Well, it depends on my mood, I can never really tell in advance....


Do you like brunches?

Let me know what you think! 

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