Tuesday, October 7, 2014

EOTD: Satin Taupe

Hi you guys!
How are you doing? 

I heard there's a MAC cosmetics store coming to Bruges (where I live), which I am so excited about!
That's why in today's post, I've incorportated a MAC eyeshadow.

Normally I always, ALWAYS use some kind of gold or orange in my make-up looks because I like the way it looks (and because it enhances blue eyes), but today I have a very "cold" make-up look.
To be quite honest, I'm surprised by how much I like this look!

So the first thing I did was prime my eyes with my Essence I ♥ Stage eyeshadow base.
Next I used my MAC "Espresso" eyeshadow and I dusted it in my crease very lightly. Next, I applied a black eyeshadow in my outer corner and blended it out enough to keep this look neutral. 

A good tip to help blending is to take the blending brush with "Espresso" on it and to go over the black with that brown colour.
That way your blending will look flawless!

On my lid, I applied "Satin Taupe" by MAC.
This colour is quite neutral and I haven't worn it a lot, but I really started to love it!

I applied some liquid eyeliner, kohl eyeliner and mascara. All of those products are by Essence.

What do you think of this look?
Thanks for reading!

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