Thursday, October 2, 2014

"Matched" bookreview

It's green and shiny and it's not an eyeshadow...
It's my "Matched" book by Ally Condie! 
I have written a haul on this already and I've mentioned this book a few times already. Today, I'm going to review it! 

In this book, the government matches you to the person you are supposed to marry.
They also decide how many kids you can have, what you eat, when you die...
It's all pretty strict, but the people are happy. That's exactly what the government wants: a society that feels satisfied, healthy and happy.

Cassia is getting Matched and she has her head in the clouds. But a book wouldn't be a book if there 
wasn't some kind of problem that needed to be solved.
Cassia has a huge problem: she gets matched to two people! Basically she just has to figger it out herself and get over some obstacles along the way.
She also discovers that the government isn't as perfect as she first thought!

I did like this book, but I read the "Delirium" series before this, which is very alike - so I felt like I was reading "Delirium" for the second time.
I also wasn't very surprised at the end (I knew which one of the two guys she was going to pick because I thought it was pretty obvious), but I wonder what's going to happen in the second book!
I'll let you know!

Thanks for reading!

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