Friday, October 10, 2014

EOTD: Hello October

Happy Friday!

October is here and the people here in Belgium have noticed it for sure!
It's been raining, it's been storming and it's been getting really cold lately. I'm quite sad I don't get to wear a lot of dresses anymore, but I like the fact that darker eyelooks are more appropriate for everyday.

The colour that I always love for winter is green. I tend to wear a lot of browns and greens on my eyes all the time. Today's make-up look is a make-up look that I made using Essence's eyeshadow palette called "Laugh, love, lime". This palette holds a shimmery white eyeshadow colour and three gorgeous greens.

This is the look that I made using this make-up look. I used the medium green colour all over my lid after priming my eyes with eyeshadow base. Next, I used my MAC "Espresso" eyeshadow as a transition colour before putting the darkest green in my outer corner.
After blending that out carefully, I added a black eyeshadow to darken up this make-up look a little more.

After that, I applied liquid eyeliner and mascara, like always. Both my liquid eyeliner and mascara are by Essence as well.

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