Sunday, October 19, 2014

Weekly Diary

Happy Sunday everyone! How have you guys been?
My week has been quite busy, but I also had a lot of fun this week!

I went out to get sushi for the first time in my life. My friends and I wanted to grab a bite after school and somehow we ended up in a sushi restaurant.
It was really good! I had so much fun!

Some letters arrived at my new place. I love writing letters and I love that this is like a "conformation" that I actually live on my own now.
Speaking of living on my own, it's been over a month now and I'm still alive! I miss my family and my pets sometimes though, but it's fun to learn how to depend on yourself.

I got myself a little new "diary". When I was a kid I used to keep diaries all the time and I enjoy reading them over sometimes, but over the years I just stopped doing it. So I'm trying it again now! I found just the right notebook too, isn't it gorgeous?!

I also worked for school. A lot.
It's intens, but at least now I'm doing what I love!

I also got myself a little bonsai tree for my studio. I love plants and flowers and even though I have a little tree already, I decided to get another one! 
I also practiced my photography already, this tree's leaf was my "subject"!

What have you been up to?
Have a good day!

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