Sunday, October 12, 2014

Weekly Diary

Hello everyone! How are you doing?
Last week I didn't upload a Weekly Diary because I was very, very busy but I'm going to make it up to you, because I have a lot of pictures to show you now.


Last week I went to explore "my" new city. It was so, so much fun! I got to know a lot of new people and I had a really good time. Everything was so relaxed!

Later that week, I got a bottle of Coke from one of my new friends at college. He knew I had a hard time finding my name and decided to make one for me! Yay! I quickly took a picture of myself with the bottle and posted it on Instagram with the #shareacoke. If you click on this link, it'll take you to my Instagram account.

There was an event last week called Kook Eet which translates into "Cook Eat" and basically a bunch of topchefs came to our town and prepared appetizers that you could try out if you wanted to.
Even though I thought €6 for one little appetizer was a lot of money, it still is cheaper than if you'd buy it in the chef's restaurant.
I didn't eat that much, but I did eat this dessert which was SO GOOD.

This is what the event looked like. So many people!

 After that we got a couple of drinks. I'd say it was a good night.

I have been wanting to show you guys this picture of my school building (or yeah, one of the buildings because I was obviously in the other building when I took this picture).
I think my school looks like Hogwarts a little bit. Even the stairs remind me of Harry Potter. I love it!

Last week there was a "Student Kick Off" party that was completely free, "De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig" (which is a quite popular band from The Netherlands) came to perform and it was so good! My friends and I were supposed to leave after they finished, but we ended up staying a whole lot longer.
Waking up early for school the next day was a little bit harder, but I wouldn't have missed it for all the money in the world.

...And I have officially lived one month on my own now. I'm still not tired of it, I love it. Even though I hate doing the dishes and cleaning up, I love asking friends over, cooking,...

I hope you are loving life as much as I am right now, I hope you're all in a good place.
Enjoy your Sunday! Peace out!

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