Thursday, May 1, 2014

NYC Cityproof Twistable intense lip color ♥

Hello everyone!
Today I don't have school, which means my homework is delayed a little bit. Time for telling you all about the new make-up product I got yesterday!

I am not looking for lip crayons in particular when I go shopping, but this time they had lip crayons by NYC. I had been looking for them for a really long time because I heard from different people that they found the product really good.
As a matter of fact, a lot of colours were sold out already! I was very lucky to find a colour that I liked, and that still was in stock.

The packaging of this lip crayon isn't exactly spectacular. Like all other lip crayons, it looks like a crayon and the bottom is twistable, so you don't have to sharpen your crayon. The packaging of the colour is thesame as the colour of the lip crayon.

The colour that I got is called "Gramercy Park Plum", it's a red/purple kind of colour. Even though it looked darker in the store, I was surprised by the swatch. It's a very wearable, bright, loveable girly colour.

This is what my lips look like without anything on it.
Below, you can see a picture of the product on my lips! The product is really pigmented and applies really well. Very smooth! I love the texture. It also smells amazing!

Don't you think it's beautiful? I am loving this lip crayon already!
It's perfect!
Oh! And it only cost me €3.99!

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  1. I was just seraching a review about those lip crayons! They're really pigmented, I must give them a try! :)


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