Friday, May 2, 2014

April empties

April is over. Unfortunately, a few of my products are "over" as well! I had emptied three products last month. Three amazing products.

The first product is the Essence liquid ink eyeliner. I have emptied quite a few of these! What can I say, I like this eyeliner a lot!

Next, I emptied two ELF products. I got these at thesame time I got my two big 144 colour palettes and I used both of them for a long time, but as you can see, there's barely nothing left.

The first product is my blush in "Candid Coral", it's a coral blush with little, gold sparkles in it. So adorable!

I also emptied this eyebrow set. I think eyebrows are very important because they frame the face, and I am obsessed with getting mine as perfect as possible.
This eyebrow set contains a darker gel, a light powder and a little brush. It's such a good combination. I love it so much, this thing has saved - well, not my life, but it has saved my eyebrows! 
I will be ordering this again for sure!

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