Saturday, May 17, 2014

♥ Nails ♥

You want to know what makes me smile?
Seeing the sun, feeling the warmth after a week of bad weather. Having a little day off. Sometimes I'm so busy that I don't feel like myself anymore and I feel like it reflects on the blog.


Today I have a day off which means I have time to relax and write a little. Since it's sunny outside, I was in the mood to do my nails. I haven't done my nails in a very long time, because they're really weak and break fast, but I decided to do it anyway.
I know the trend now is orange, but I am still in love with pastel.


My nails aren't really long and pretty, so I googled someone else's nails. This picture is from Pinterest. The other pictures are my own.

What's your favourite colour this spring?

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