Monday, May 5, 2014

Isadora lipstick review

Hello everyone! 
As you know, I own a lot of red lipsticks, but when I was on a trip to Germany, I got the chance to go to a "Douglas" store for the first time! I was about to check out when I saw this little lipstick in a bowl, on a discount prize.

The lipstick is by IsaDora, it's tiny and comes in simple, black packaging. The colour of this lipstick is a bright red, it's called "Red Carpet".

Here's a swatch! This is really jawdropping! Such a beautiful colour, such a pigmented swatch!

I am in LOVE! What a beautiful colour! Wow! It was really cheap as well!
I love that the packaging is so small,
it makes it easy to squeeze into a purse. But... It also makes it easy to get lost! Always keep your eyes on your lipstick!

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