Thursday, May 22, 2014

Being accepted

 Being accepted. It's hard, but once you get it, it is lovely.

As you know, if you're a loyal reader of this blog, I have struggled to express myself for quite some time. I didn't feel comfortable with people judging me (especially at school and at work), and it took me work and peptalks to finally be able to be who I wanted to be.

Graduation was only 1 year away at the time, so I thought it wouldn't be that hard. 


Since then, a lot of people have proven me wrong (for example people in my class who try to humiliate me for wearing flowers in my hair). But more important are the people who have accepted me the way I am.

I can honestly say I am so proud of doing what I have done. I feel like I have turned my life around for the better. I know who I am, and other people know who I am.
Reason for writing this post? Just to tell anyone out of you that's struggling like I was, to never give up.
And secondly, to thank everyone who hasn't made me feel bad about myself - and who has come up for me. It feels good to hear something positive every once in a while.

So yeah...
Thanks for reading! Thanks for being. ♥


  1. The catterpillar that had to hide because others were picking on you.
    Then a moment of hiding.
    Now a moment of showing true collours.

    You are definitly a someone!

  2. You are beautiful ;)

  3. You are beautiful ;)

  4. Most beautiful young woman (inside and outside) I have ever met... You don't know how much I love you!


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