Thursday, July 7, 2016

OOTD: Bright city lights

The beginning of the summer is always extra exciting here in Belgium, because the sales also start in the beginning of the summer.
I haven't had much time to go shopping lately but there was one dress that I saw earlier and I couldn't get it out of my mind.

Do you know the feeling of not getting something and spending the next week thinking about it? That's what happened with this dress. After a week I decided I just had to have it. It's the dress that I'm wearing in these pictures.

I got this maxi dress at H&M and it just looks like the perfect dress for a walk on the beach or a picnick in the park. Or you could wear it if you're going on a dinner date with a friend or a lover, just like I did.

The blazer that I'm wearing is also by H&M. I got it last season. It's a bit oversized and it's a very sleek, simple blazer: no zippers, no buttons, nothing. I thought the colours of the dress already drew enough attention, no need for more detail on the blazer.

While we were looking for a nice place to shoot the pictures, I actually re-discovered a part of town that I love. This place is in the center of Bruges and it's beautiful by day, but absolutely breathtaking by night. It's not far away from where I live, which is even better, because I love late night strolls.

I didn't realize how much I take Bruges for granted. I walk passed these buildings every day and sometimes I forget how beautiful they are and how much history there is here.
I remember trying out filters on one of these pictures on Instagram and thinking that the backgrounds in these pictures look like a movie decor.

I will for sure try to appreciate these places more. What can I say, it's the little things in life that can blow your mind, if only you allow them to.

As always, I hope to see you in my next blogpost.
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  1. Thanks for sharing these lovely pics, your dress is amazing!

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    Tamara xxx

  2. beautiful :)


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