Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Miss Sporty coloured eyeliners! ♥

Coloured eyeliners are a big thing right now. They're a big thing every year, like, it's not really groundbreaking - but this year, a lot of brands have made coloured eyeliners.
I was in The Netherlands earlier this week (I don't live far away from the border) and they sell "Miss Sporty" over there. Miss Sporty is a very affordable make-up brand, which happens to have a whole new line of coloured eyeliners.


They had mint greens, this purple/blue-ish shade, navy, yellow and a couple more. I decided to get the blue and the yellow. Let's see if they're any good!

The two liquid eyeliners have a nice packaging. Quite simple. The eyeliners are black but the caps are bright coloured. The blue one has a blue cap, the yellow one has a yellow cap. I like that.

The brushes are made out of plastic, which feels a bit weird at times but I actually learned how to apply liquid eyeliner using these kind of applicators, so it's not a big problem for me.

Here are the swatches!
I think the colour payoff is amazing! I've tried it a couple of times now after applying eyeshadow and I'd be lying if I said I didn't like these eyeliners.
I do have to apply more than one layer to get everything even. I also noticed that even though I don't feel anything on my hand, these liners do tend to 'sting' a bit.
It's a weird sensation and besides the stinging, I don't have any problems with this (I also don't get eye problems or anything), so that's a bit odd.
I've gotten a few glitter liners by a different brand a couple of months ago, and I do get that sensation with those eyeliners as well. I don't know what causes the eyeliner to feel like that on my skin, but I only feel it when I apply it.
I don't have a big problem with it, but I'd advise you to be careful, especially if you have very sensitive eyes or skin.

I will continue to use these eyeliners and I enjoy using them a lot. I paid €3.49/eyeliner. Good deal.

PS I want to thank those of you that have been supporting me; reading my posts, liking FaceBook/Instagram posts, Twitter and so on...
You have really made this an amazing month for me and I couldn't be more thankful for you. I hope to see you soon.

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