Sunday, July 17, 2016

H&M "De Nîmes" coloured eyeliner review!

Another day, another eyeliner added to my make-up collection - or so it seems!
As you might have noticed, I've been getting into glitter and coloured eyeliners recently. I've been experimenting with eyeliner ever since I've started blogging, well over four years ago now!

My latest eyeliner buy was a bit of an impulse; I didn't need more eyeliners, but the H&M store in Bruges has been expanding, adding more make-up to their collection and the eyeliners were on sale, so I got one.


The packaging of this eyeliner is so cute! You can see the colour of the eyeliner through the tube. The letters on the eyeliner are gold, which is beautiful. Everything else is pretty basic.

The eyeliner that I got is called "De Nîmes", it's a gorgeous blue colour with a bit of glitter in it. Oh, and I also have an "eye of the day" coming up using this eyeliner, so make sure you check that out as well.

The tip of this eyeliner brush is soft and flexible. It's so easy to draw a line across your lashline.

And would you look at the colour of this eyeliner. My god, it is gorgeous - it reminds me of what the sky looks like at midnight! 
The eyeliner contains a bit of sparkle. I wouldn't say glitter because there aren't any big chunks in it, it's very subtile. It's almost difficult to explain. 

It has a nice texture and applies smoothly. I don't have any complaints about pigmentation either; one layer does the job just fine, this eyeliner isn't watery or anything.

To be honest with you, I never expected to find such a great eyeliner at H&M. 

Finding this eyeliner was a coincidence (I wouldn't have seen it if it didn't have a huge red sticker or if it wasn't placed near the check out- very smart marketing by the way) but I'm glad I did notice it.
If you feel like trying something different, I'd recommend giving this eyeliner a shot.

I'm will be going back to see if they have any other exciting colours! 
I paid €3 for this eyeliner.

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