Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sleek 'Storm' palette ♥

Goodmorning everyone! I'm back with part two of my Sleek make-up reviews! 
Two days ago, I reviewed the Sleek eyebrow set and today I'm going to talk about a palette that I'm maybe even more excited about! 

The packaging of this palette is thesame as the packaging of the eyebrow set. Simple, classy.
I chose a palette with both neutral and colourful eyeshadows. I didn't want an all neutral palette, because I have enough of those and I thought a really bright eyeshadow palette wouldn't be a good choice because after a week, it might already end up somewhere in a closet.

The palette that I got is called "Storm". It holds pinks, neutral browns, and blues/greens. A little bit of everything!

Aren't these colours gorgeous? They are all named after storms, such as "sand storm", "snow storm" and "dust storm". Very cute! I love it when brands have (funny/original) names for their eyeshadows, rather than numbers or... nothing at all.


The swatches surprised me a lot! Both the dark colours and the lighter colours are very well pigmented, which was a surprise to me because normally you don't get the best of both worlds.
You do get a bit of fall out, but that's not the end of the world. Some scotch tape or a big powder brush will get rid of that in no time! 


My next post will be a couple of make-up looks that I have created with this palette! (PS For sneak peeks, you can follow me on Instagram).

Have a nice day! Be kind!

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