Monday, March 14, 2016

2016 - three months of magic!

Hi everybody! 
So far, we're in the third month of the new year (my god, it goes fast!) and I thought it'd be nice to give you a quick update of how life's going. 

I have done a lot of exciting things already this year. The first thing I'm quite possibly the most proud of is getting my first car. I'm a bit late, as most 19 year olds already have their cars, but I really wanted to work for it myself and pay everything on my own. Here we are, I did it! It's a very small car, but to be honest, I don't need or want a big car for that matter. (Would you like to see a car essentials post?)

picture from Google

Another new thing I got is my belly button piercing! I have been wanting this thing since I was a little girl. They say if you really want something you should wait a while and if you still want it, it means you should get it. I've waited since I was 15 or so, so I think I've waited long enough! 
This piercing is also my "motivation" to get in better shape. After all, the only way I can/want to show off my piercing is if my tummy is in good shape!

Another habit I picked up this year is donating blood.
Last year I didn't get to do it because of my other body enhancement (they make you wait a couple of months before you can become a donor again), but this year, I was allowed to give blood.

Being a donor is one of the things on my bucket list because I might save a life and that would be pretty cool, don't you think?


I will also be teaching again soon, almost the whole month of April. I'm absolutely looking forward to it! After that, I will be travelling to Rome, which is something I'm even more excited about! 

How has 2016 been treating you? Which big changes have you had this year?


  1. Love the piercing! Great to see you have a car ☺... Ly W.

  2. Love the piercing! Great to see you have a car ☺... Ly W.


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