Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Catrice high glow highlighter ♥

Goodmorning to the whole wide world out there! How are you?
I have been in quite a good mood recently. I have been working for school a lot, but I have also reaping the rewards!

I thought I deserved a little treat from myself too and went shopping. Mostly window shopping, but when I got to my drugstore, I decided to take a look inside and here's what I found: A Catrice highlighter! This is the High Glow mineral highlighting power (phew, what a long name!).

This higlighter called "Light Infusion" is a Limited Edition highlighter and I nearly died when I saw it!
It looks so beautiful! Normally I'd say that the packaging is quite minimalistic and that it's not really my style, but in this case I think it's very handy. That way you can really see the product, and that's what chatches your eye (or at least, what caught mine! ;) ).

When I swatched it, my jaw dropped. Honest to God.
Such a pretty highlighter! And the pigmentation!

As you can see, this higlighter is well pigmented, but it also has a nice structure. There are no chunks of glitter in it, which I'm extremely grateful for. I have bad skin as it is and chunks would only make it look worse.

I'm so happy to have found a budgetproof highlighter that meets my expectations when it comes to textures and everything.
I would for sure recommend it if you're looking for a cheap highlighter.

Thanks for reading!

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