Friday, March 25, 2016

Comparing: MAC vs Catrice highlighters

I love comparing products to each other. 
Preferably cheaper and more expensive products. I did one in the past comparing MAC Russian Red lipstick and Rimmel London's lipstick to each other.
Time to compare another MAC product to one of my newest favourites: a highlighter from Catrice!

Here are the two highlighters next to each other. On the right, you see the very famous MAC highlighter called "Soft and Gentle" (that I accidentally dropped and broke, cry!) . On the left, my newest Catrice higlighter in "Light Infusion".

Both highlighters look rather simple in their packaging. Catrice has silver packaging, MAC has black packaging. Both fine.
The MAC highlighter is a little more gold, whereas the Catrice highlighter is a bit cooler.

And swatches! 
The highlighters are not exactly thesame, (Soft and Gentle is warmer) but quality wise,  I must say I'm very impressed with Catrice!

If you want a really good budget highlighter, get your hands on this Catrice highlighter as fast as you can! 

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