Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sleek haul!

Happy Thursday everyone!
Today is my daddy's birthday, so happy 50th birthday dad!

It's been quite a while since I went shopping, but I had to be in the city center to get my dad's present anyway, so I decided to look around some shops while I was there.
Of course I was drawn to make-up stores, and in one of the stores, I actually found a rather nice suprise: Sleek!

Sleek is a brand of make-up that used to be nearly impossible to get your hands on. Back in the days, I used to dream of these palettes, but I never got them before. (Mainly because I don't like to order online - especially not make-up).

I think we all know I didn't just get my dad a present, I also got myself a present! I bought two items by Sleek. One eyeshadow palette called "Storm" and one eyebrow set. My eyebrows are quite important to me and my other MUA set was done anyways, so why not test this one?

I didn't really know which eyeshadow palette to pick, I think I had six options, but I decided not to go for neutral colours, because I tend to do that quite often and I have enough basic/simple/neutral palettes as it is.
I also didn't want a very flashy eyeshadow palette because I know I wouldn't touch it anyways, so I got something in between: a palette called "Storm", which has neutral/more intense colours. The packaging of this product reminds me of MUA, but I will go more in depth about that in my review.

I must say that the eyebrow palette reminds me of the ELF eyebrow set that I used to have. There's also one gel and one actual powder. This kit also holds mini tweezers and two brushes.
These products look really, really good to me! I can't wait to review them for you!
My reviews on these products will be up shortly so I hope to see you then! Thanks for reading!

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