Friday, February 10, 2017

Valentine's Day make-up look #1

Valentine's Day is coming up in less than a week and I am - for once - very excited by that.
It's the first time in three years that I get to spend this Valentine's Day with someone who is more special to me than anybody else.

I very rarely base my look on an occassion, but this is one of those special times. This look focusses more on the lips and less on the eyes.

The eye make-up on this one is rather soft. I used my Too Faced Natural Eye palette for the crease and outer corner eyeshadows. You can make them as intense as you want,  but I didn't want a fullblown smokey eye. I did do a lot of eyeliner but that is optional. For the lid,  I used my purple highlighter from the Sleek highlighting palette. I didn't think it'd work out,  but it did. So pretty!

I wasn't really in the mood for a red lip (I wear red lips on a daily basis) so I went for a hot pink. This one is from Catrice's Victorian limited edition. I think it's eyecatching,  but still wearable.

Are you planning a special make-up look for Valentine's Day? Let me know!

As always,  thank you loads for reading! Have a nice day!

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