Saturday, February 4, 2017

Adore Me

I have always had a thing for fashion. Although I don't like to follow each and every trend, I like to give some of the trends my own spin and do my own thing with it. That's the reason I first started with this blog, years ago!
The time has flown by, but I still have that same passion for clothes (and my passion for make-up has been growing more and more too).

Although I like to dress up for my boyfriend, I have always liked dressing up for myself. I like to express myself through what I wear. But it's not always about the clothes that other people can see.
I even enjoy thinking about what I'm wearing underneath. It's almost like a little secret.
Nothing - in my opinion - gives a woman more confidence than knowing she has sexy lingerie on. Nobody knows it, but it does boost your mood.

I recently got in contact with the people over at Adore Me (click here for the link) who have the cutest sets of bras and panties. Just in time for Valentine's day! Need some outfit ideas to surprise your man (or woman) with?
Here are two of my favourite options to spice it up! Two which I've tried myself before!

I would either wear a bralette (or a lace bra if you've been blessed with a bigger chest - which they do have lingerie for as well!) underneath a jumpsuit that has a bit of cleavage. My favourite jumpsuit is a black one with cleavage which will show a little bit of lace detailing, but not too much. These kinds of jumpsuits can be find in stores like H&M, New Look, Zara,... .
Pick up a bra in black or maybe another colour, such as red or pink, for a cute, sexy detail.


If you're a bit of a daredevil, you could even wear a brighter item underneath a sheer top. You can match it with your favourite jeans or wear a pencil skirt and heels for that extra 'oomph'. Just make it your own, I swear, it'll not only feel great, but also look great.
And there's nothing more attractive than confidence! ;)

Oh, Adore Me has got some really nice sales going on right now! Head over to the website to treat yourself to a nice new set

Have a good one, lovelies!

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  1. Its great as long as uou don't have to contact their horrible customer service department. Every part of my order was screwed up and now they charged me 44.95 for their mistake . Incompetence at its worst


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