Sunday, May 15, 2016


Recently, I was working at a bar with my collegue and good friend. I always do the bartending, she waits on the tables. The hot weather made me feel like I was wearing too much, whereas my friend had another problem - or should I say - brablem.
A brablem is, as the word already shows you - a problem with your bra. And man, are there a lot of problems that can occur!

It's known that women in general, wear the wrong bras. I too have been guilty. My lovely friends at have provided me with a handy dandy chart!
Basically every 'brablem' you could have, is explained below, as well as a good solution to the problem! Once you have found ways to solve your brablems, check out their bras!"

Dressing nicely isn't just about the clothes you wear, but also about underwear. If that doesn't fit, you'll probably be annoyed and no matter how pretty your clothes are, the most important thing'll be missing: your smile.

You can click the pictures below to make them larger or download them, if you need to.

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