Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Wake up, spring!

Every spring, pastel colours come back. I'm not a fan of a wide range of pastel colours, there are only two pastel colours I like: mintgreen and pastel purple.
Just a few days ago, I was in the city center window shopping, but I ended up buying a few things too! One of those things was a mintgreen eyeliner that I came across.
I've never had bright coloured eyeliner but it's trending so I wanted to give it a shot.

The packaging of this product is so adorable. It looks like a mintgreen pen. The pen says "Wake up, spring!" in curly letters. This is the title of this collection. Ah, it makes me feel so happy inside! 

The felt tip was something that made me doubt a little. Up until now, I've haven't had a good felt tip  experience when it comes to eyeliners. However, the swatch looks decent.

The look that I was going for was quite simple; a normal, black line and above it, the mintgreen line. I decided to do the mintgreen line before adding the black, because it would be easier.

Even though the colour payoff was okay on my wrist, it didn't show up that well on my eyes. I had to go over it a couple of times, but then the product didn't look like it was distributed evenly. The middle was less intense than the outer parts, if that makes sense. 

I wish the colour would show up more on my skin. I feel like you have to go over it a bunch of times and still, you barely see any result.
 I get that this is a pastel eyeliner, but still, it did disappoint me a little. 

The next day I re-applied this eyeliner with the difference that I put the pen vertically in a cup with my other pens all night overnight, I thought maybe the product would come down more and it would be easier to use the felt tip. No luck.

I absolutely love the idea of pastel eyeliners, but so far I'm still not satisfied with the eyeliner Essence came up with.
I will be trying some other brands soon!

Thanks for reading, have a nice day!

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