Thursday, May 12, 2016

OOTD: My ray of light!

Belgium was the warmest place in Europe last week, and boy, have we noticed! 
We had a couple of holidays, which means that most of us spent 4 or 5 days at home and had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather (and each other's good moods that came with it)!

 I, unfortunately, wasn't one of them. I didn't have to go to school, but I did end up working. We'd had a couple of extremely hot days before so I decided to keep my outfit basic and short! Here's what I wore!

 I wanted to get a tan (because so far, I think I look like milk), so I wore some high waisted shorts. These feel so 1950s and I'm so happy I got them! They are burgundy and come with a tiny belt with gold detailing.
My shirt was white, as well as my shoes.

My bag was black and white with some gold detailing (it's a Michael Kors knock-off).

I also wore my favourite gold watch from Claire's and a bracelet with pearl detailing (I got this online from Six, but you can find similar jewellery at H&M).

I kept my accessories quite minimal. I did end up adding this cute necklace, I got this one at Claire's I think - this actually used to be one of my tattoo ideas! I still absolutely love the infinity symbol and the heart intertwined, it's just not going on my body (or at least, not now).

Have a lovely day!

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