Tuesday, July 28, 2015

EOTD: Paradisco

I love pink. I think it's a beautiful colour and I believe you can find the perfect pink for each and every occassion. I do fear pink when it comes to make-up, eye make-up specifically. Pink is a very risky colour because it can make you look really sick even when you aren't. 


When I first started learning about make-up, I didn't really have any high end eyeshadows. Now, I have a decent MAC stash. I noticed there's one colour that I barely ever use. It's a peachy pink colour. I like to challenge myself and this time I challenged myself to wear more pink on my eyes. So... here it is!

I used my oldie but goldie "Texture" in the crease and added some "Bronze" and "Espresso" near the outer corner. These colours are my go to MAC crease colours. "Texture" and "Bronze" are both shimmery, "Espresso" is matte. I kept these crease colours pretty neutral but if you want to, you can build up the intensity and really make it a dark smokey eye. 


I used my peachy pink eyeshadow called "Paradisco" on my eyelid. This is a shimmery eyeshadow with some gold in it. To accentuate the gold glitter in this eyeshadow, I added a little bit of "Honey lust" in the center of my eyelid. This is a great trick to make your eyes pop and make them appear brighter and bigger.

To finish off the look, I took the colours that I used in the crease and applied them near my lower lashline. That just makes the whole look complete. Near the inner tear duct, I applied a shimmery white, which I later also applied on my brow bone to highlight. 

As always, I ended up applying winged eyeliner and mascara. That's the finished look!

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